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Organic Food


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Organic Food

Organic Food


Outline Containing thesis statement, three main points, and a conclusion. "Genetically Modified/Engineered Foods For your final research paper, you will be arguing whether or not Congress should pass a law that would require companies to label genetically modified foods available for consumer purchase. Some argue that consumers have the right to know which foods have undergone such processing; others argue that businesses should be free to operate as they wish and that they are not obligated to provide such information."

Name:Course number:Instructor’s name:Date:Organic FoodAs of 2013, twenty-five states in the US had been considering enacting laws requiring compulsory labeling of foods that were genetically modified (Senauer 1). Congress should pass the law in a bid to affirm its stance on promoting the public’s safety. The government requires taking the necessary measures to protect the public amidst fears of unsafe foods.One of the arguments for the proposal of compulsory labeling is that the US has a free market economy, which requires that consumers make well-informed decisions (Miller and Kershen n.p). The proponents argue that US citizens require knowing the level to which what they eat has been genetically processed (Byrne 2). Another argument for the labeling proposal is that there are many other countries that have already enforced such a ...

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