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Operation management


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Operation management

Operation management


Creat a colum showing the following : Supplier names- random names 1-contact information 2-meeting times and frequency 3-phone numbers 4-E-mail address 5-Special notes/comments/holidays . Our supplier website (that`scoolwire.com) LED armband 2 each Note our supplier in china (armband) conference call china there`s time Zones us+China

Operation ManagementStudent:Professor:Course title:Date:Operation ManagementSupplier NameContact informationMeeting times and frequencyPhone numberEmail addressSpecial notes/comments1ThatsCoolWire1750 Seamist Dr. Suite 100Houston, TX 77008Monday to Friday from 11: am to 4: pm. Frequency is twice per week 713-869-0500 HYPERLINK "mailto:[email protected]" [email protected]Reliable supplier, though charges expensively2Crede LED4300 Valleydale Albany, NY 64032Monday to Friday from 11: am to 4: pm. Frequenc...

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