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Online Consumer Behavior


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Online Consumer Behavior

Online Consumer Behavior

I need to gather some information about the online consumer behaviors and how it is different between traditional consumer behaviors. Please use sources that are very recent. The findings of this paper will be contributing to a research paper explore the idea of how to enhance the experience of Chinese consumers buying luxury goods online.
Online Consumer BehaviourName:Institution:IntroductionOrganisations and firms take immense interest in the consumer behaviour towards product lines in the market and the various ways of new products presentations. Marketing is one of the crucial pillars to a successful product sale, and it is for this reason that organisations take a keen interest to be in a position to improve by revising their marketing strategies (Perner, 2010). The organisations seek to understand the psychology behind consumers feeling and reasoning, how the environment affects them and how they are motivated by different products in the market. Armed with this information the organisations can adapt their marketing strategies to conform to the trending consumer behaviour. It is worth to note that, it is not just individual consumers that are under the microscope but other organisation and social groups in a specific society, as well (Bax, 2012). The study does not only limit itself to the behaviour at the sales points, but looks further into the level of satisfaction after use, the disposal and back again, full circle to the sales point. That said, consumer behaviour is exceedingly difficult to fully, understand and demands vast understanding of human behaviour and many resources.Today the consumer behaviour has significantly changed, with the internet altering the traditions ways of shopping for most consumers around the world. The internet has brought with it vast potential for consumers to access information on various products and even the ability to make comparisons between different products and firms, without constrain of time and location. In the past, for one to compare products and their prices from different firms, it involved a lot of movement from store to the next. Today all one has to do is make sure they have a device that can access the internet, and they can do shopping at the comfort of their homes or wherever they choose without the need to move (Perner, 2010).Influential FactorsThere are various pivotal aspects that determine the trends of the consumer behaviour in the market. Among them is the character of the individua...

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