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Please make the final version a printable Word document or PDF, one page (one side). This bio should include: A headshot picture of you, at the top left, right or center. A description of your academic and work history, your values and personality, and your goals and insterests for the future, in three separate paragraphs. Please write about yourself in THIRD person, not first person. Sometimes this is easier when another person edits this for you (hence the discussion assignment earlier this semester). Your contact information - if you are concerned about your privacy, you may substitute false contact information here, but it should appear as you would want your real information listed (email, phone, address). i will attach my bio and a pic
Name:Instructor:Date:3781425topOMAR YASMIN`S BIOGRAPHYOmar yasmin is an international student. He studied at Yemen and is a Degree Holder in Finance. Omar`s passion towards finance came as a result of the inspiration and daily encouragement he got from his mother who was the director of Finance in one of the big companies in Yemen. He desires to be like His mother and carry on the mantle by following in her footsteps.Omar portrays reputable leadership qualities since in his...

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