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Dear writer, Please message me what topic you will select. TOPIC Choose one question from below to develop a posting in this forum 1. Research names of nursing leaders thoughout Canadian history. You may choose to comment on the contributions of one particular Canadian nursing leader you are interested in studying (from history). OR 2. Explore some of the present nursing leaders (2-3 leaders, a Canadian leader is a must) and describe their contributions? Expectations for an Original Contribution • Minimum length 500 words, maximum length 750 words. Content beyond 750 words will not be graded • Each original contribution is due before the next assigned Tutorial. There will be penalties for late submissions • Each original submission analyzes a specific point of view, is scholarly in presentation, demonstrating critical thinking and creativity • Minimum of 2 scholarly references beyond the required course readings is required. Scholarly works may be obtained through global Professional Associations and Organizations, nursing journals and government agencies as relevant • All submissions to the Digital Drop Box must in the format of a word document and have a Title page and a Reference page • Submissions must adhere to APA -6 guidelines IT IS A DICCUSSION BOARD AND THE ANSWER TO THE ANY QUESTION WILL BE MY CONTIBUTION,SO YOU CAN DEVELOP YOUR WRITING ACCORDING TO THAT,AND MAY BE YOU CAN USE "I" OR FIRST PERSON. AS THE TEACHER IS SO STRICT ABOUT SPECIFIC WRITING AND APA FORMAT,SO PLEASE STRICTLY FOLLOW THE RUBRIC REQUIREMENTS AND APA-6 FORMAT FOR THE REFERENCES.PLEASE LET ME KNOW THE TOPIC WHATEVER YOU CHOOSE TO WRITE.PLEASE SEND ME THE INFORMATION ABOUT THE REFERENCES LIKE TYPE OF THE REFERENCE,IF IT IS JOURNAL THAN VOLUME AND ISSUE NO AND PAGE NUMBER WITH doi NUMBER(IF IT HAS ANY) ON EXTRA PAGE IF IT IS POSSIBLE FOR YOU.SO IF IS THERE ANY MISTAKE I CAN CORRECT IT BY MY SELF. which you can easily find the recent and strong references(like from .gov,.edu,.org) not from .com.USE CRITICAL THINKING in writing.the format will remain same. Use scholarly articles only that are recent, not old IT MUST BE A CANADIAN Nursing Leader. It must be a Caanadian NURSE.1970-1995 Canadian nursing will be good.
The Contribution of Mary Ellen Patton in Canadian Nursing Student: Professor: Course title: Date: Introduction In my review of influential Canadian nursing leaders, I came across Mary Ellen Patton. Apart from serving as a staff nurse for more than twenty years, Patton has also served in various leadership roles, both nationally and internationally. Patton`s leadership history includes her role as a member in various boards of director positions and an active researcher in the field of pain management and women`s health (Nursing World, 2013). In this discussion, I will explore Patton`s leadership in Canadian nursing through analyzing her research contributions and senior management roles.  Discussion Mary Ellen Patton is well known for her research advancements in the treatment of chronic pain. She has involved herself in many research projects dealing with pain reduction. Patton involved herself in the research of addressing chronic pain after realizing that it was a major problem in the Canadian perspective. She also noticed that many of the traditional methods applied in pain reduction were inadequate and insufficient. She observed that effective pain reduction assessment should incorporate both psychological and physical examinations, which traditional m...

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