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Nursing/ Final paper/registered nurse standards/handover video

Nursing/ Final paper/registered nurse standards/handover video

This paper revolves around Nursing/ Final paper/registered nurse standards/handover video. You are required to watch a handover video and write a 3000 word academic essay with detailed discussion critiquing and analysing four components. Furthermore, you will have worked with this video extensively at residential school. This video has several actors (real and simulated). The roles comprise

  • Female RN – Mature (many years experience) senior RN going off night duty (tired and slightly aggressive) usually only works day shift as team leader
  • Male EEN – Australian Citizen, qualified in other disciplines, speaks 4 languages, English is second language, new to the ward but has worked elsewhere, graduated 2 years ago
  • Female RN – New Graduate RN in her first week of practice this is her 4thshift, 2 previous shifts were with RN buddies.
  • 6 patients (simulated and real)

The assessment has the standard inclusion of 15% for presentation, 20% for referencing and citations and four components worth 65% in the discussion as outlined here:


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  • Title: Nursing/ Final paper/registered nurse standards/handover video
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