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Notre Dame Chathedral


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Notre Dame Chathedral

Notre Dame Chathedral

Must be three full pages with the paper broken into formal and conceptual analysis
Name :Course Name :Instructor`s Name :Date of Submission :Notre Dame CathedralNotre-Dame can today be referred as the most important image in the French gothic art. The Paris facade seems protected into a severe pattern, with reserved formal shifts and controlled movement in deepness. Rather than generating strong vertical energy, the portals, windows, and tracery gallery of its main block are gathered into a square, subdivided by a few strong vertical and horizontal elements into a grid like pattern with the rose window at the center. The massive strength of the front wall is unforgettable, but its tolerance is less than obvious. Yet, it is present in the academic rigor, intense sculptural concentration, and fine sequence of weight and texture from the lower to the upper parts of the structure (Smith 70). This cathedral in Paris is more than seven hundred years old and it stands in one of the most sacred places in France. Even before Julius Caesar, the Celtic Druids offered their religious sacrifices in this island (Smith 19). When the Roman Empire conquered this region, a temple was constructed in the same place and dedicated to Jupiter. During the reign of king Childebert I, in 528AD, the Christians built a basilica that they dedicated to St. Etienne. Later on, the basilica was replaced by a church in the Romanesque style which stood until the year 1163AD. It was around this time when the Bishop of Paris, Maurice de Sully laid a foundation stone of this famous well known structure today. It was dedicated to “our lady” (Notre Dame in French). The intention of this was to confirm Paris as dominant centre of Christendom (Murray 12). The bishop was really impressed by the outcome of the work and thought it will increase the status of the capital. He is known to have devoted wealth and energies in the construction and beautification of the cathedral (Murray 34).The co...

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