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Non-profit organization with financial data


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Non-profit organization with financial data

Non-profit organization with financial data

Your assignment for this Module is to select an organization for your project and have it approved by your professor. You may consider any of these organizations as long as you have enough access to that organization to respond to the assignments. [Note: you will not be asked to reveal any proprietary or confidential information in your reports. Most of your reports will be based on your observations.] The organization can`t be a military unit unless you have access to some financial information of the organization (e.g., if you work for the Finance Command). The business for which you work. A business organization for which a close friend or relative works and to which you have access. Any non-business oriented organization such as a non-profit organization with financial data available to you. SLP assignment expectation: Select an organization and upload to coursenet a short description of that organization and your relationship to it. LENGTH: 1 page maximum typed and double spaced The following items will be assessed in particular: The content of the dicussion concerning the organization Your professor will then either approve your choice or visit with you about other possibilities.
Running Head: Non-profit organization with financial dataStudent name: Course:Tutor:Date of submission:IntroductionThe IRS 990 Return is one of the common sources of financial data underlying descriptions of the nonprofit hospital sector and studies of nonprofit organizations. Nonprofit organizations investigates the adequacy, reliability and appropriate interpretation of IRS 990 return data through comparing entries with measures from each organization`s audited financial statements. The consistencies between any two data sources are determined by quantitative and qualitative methods are used to examine and explain them (Hopkins 2009). Financially flexible nonprofit as one with access to...

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