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NIBCOs decision to implement an ERP system


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NIBCOs decision to implement an ERP system

NIBCOs decision to implement an ERP system


Unit VI Case Study Analyze Case Study III-5: “NIBCO’s ‘Big Bang’: An SAP Implementation” (on pp. 468-483 in the textbook).  Discuss reasons behind NIBCO’s decision to implement an ERP system. Describe the pros and cons of the approach to implementation decided upon by NIBCO. Provide your analysis and recommendation for how the project was managed including its management structure. Summarize your findings in a two page paper using proper APA formatting. Course Textbook Brown, C. V., DeHayes, D. W., Hoffer, J. A., Martin, E. W., & Perkins, W. C. (2012). Managing information technology (7th ed.). Upper Saddle River, NJ: Prentice Hall.

NIBCOs decision to implement an ERP systemStudent:Professor:Course title:Date:Discuss reasons behind NIBCO`s decision to implement an ERP systemThe case study on NIBCO identifies the reasons why an ERP system was implemented as follows: Firstly, the firm realized that it could not prosper with its current information systems (Brown, DeHayes, Hoffer, Martin, &Perkins, 2012). This realization came about during NIBCO`s strategic planning endeavours that had taken place three years earlier. The problem with the firm`s information systems (IS) was that they were not synchronized hence they could not communicate with each other. The Boston Consulting Group (BCG) that was hired by NIBCO recommended that the firm`s current legacy system be replaced with common integrated systems (Brown et al., 2012).Secondly, management was concerned that the company was information poor and that the firm would not be able to grow and become global without integrated information capability. The CEO, chairman and President of the firm Rex Martin therefore wanted changes to be made immediately.Thirdly, it was established that there was widespread dissatisfaction with the current legacy system that had many errors because of lack of communicat...

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