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narrative analysis of the first 30 minutes of the film The Bourne Identity (2003),


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narrative analysis of the first 30 minutes of the film The Bourne Identity (2003),

Provide a 1500-word narrative analysis of the first 30 minutes of the film The Bourne Identity (2003), available on DVD in Sydney Jones library

In your narrative analysis you must identify:

  • the aims, motivations and goals of the main characters
  • the problems that they encounter and the solutions that they find
  • the deadlines they need to meet
  • how and in what ways the narrative equilibrium (order) is disturbed.
  • the film genre (or genres) most frequently associated with this disturbance.
  • how editing is used to construct the plot

Note: You do not need to explain the terms and to include definitions or debates about what narrative is. You will need to show skills in using the right vocabulary as this was developed in our sessions, especially on narrative and film. Also please make sure that you avoid describing the film’s plot. You need to analyse what is happening in the narrative and not describe it. The essay needs to be word-processed and submitted as normal to the Student Support Office on the ground floor of 19 Abercromby Square

Please note that Narrative analysis have their own unique tactic that they require whenevr one is writing such an essay.

Please find all the guidelines in the various reputable sites

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