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My Sister`s Keeper


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My Sister`s Keeper

My Sister`s Keeper


Watch the movie : My sisters keeper Write your impressions about the movie. Try to identify at least two ethical issues and how it might be addressed by one of the philosophers we have covered. (The book we use is: Culture Counts: A Concise Introduction to Cultural Anthropology, 2nd Edition)

Ethical Issues in “My Sister’s Keeper”Name of StudentUniversity Ethical Issues in “My Sister’s Keeper”The title of the film “My Sister’s Keeper,” directed by Nick Cassavetes (2009), aptly captures the fate of a girl brought into existence through in-vitro fertilization. Anna is genetically matched to her older sister Kate, so that she (Anna) can donate one of her kidneys to save hr sibling who is suffering from leukemia and renal failure. Their mother Sara is keen to have Anna donate her kidney, although she is reluctant because s...

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