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My Professional Life Assignment: Statement of Intent


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My Professional Life Assignment: Statement of Intent

My Professional Life Assignment: Statement of Intent


1-It should describe personal motivation to undertake further study.

2- details of your personal circumstances as well as your life and work experiences. 

3-It should emphasise any aspect of personal history that may enhance your application, - including extra-curricular activity, community involvement, work experience, relevant personal characteristics and any outstanding achievement.

A bit about me :

-I am an Assistan Vise President working for BNP Paribas, my current tasks are Compliance and Anti Money Laundering.

- I`ve studied in Hungary.

- I come from a family where studying and working hard is essential.


Statement of Intent

Abdulaziz Marafie




With much zeal and determination to achieve even more in my professional life, I am looking forward to pursuing further studies in the finance and accounting. With my constant desire for continuous improvement and aspiration for perfection, the urge to pursue further studies fits perfectly with my inherent ambition. Coming from a family that values academic excellence, it comes as a default that I sh


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