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Monitoring Policy Implementation Compliance and Effectiveness in Hotel management

Monitoring Policy Implementation Compliance and Effectiveness in Hotel management

The policy implementation involved adapting a new information system program. This program ensured that rouge staff cannot obtain any guest related information illegally from the hotel’s database. The system also ensured that personal guest’s information cannot be transferred from the hotel’s system to another information storage media. Monitoring the progress of implementation involved ensuring that the staff were conversant with the new system and were fully aware of the consequences of defying this policy. An implementation strategy was drawn to indicating how the policy would benefit the business, which people would facilitate implementation as well as the timeframe. A framework was designed to establish compliance and effectiveness of the policy. The framework indicated that all people assigned various policy responsibilities fully performed their part. Compliance and effectiveness were established through determination of the deviation from policy implementation guidelines.

A hotel management system contains many interrelated constituents which are aimed at affecting the business goals. As a hotel manager there is need to implement a management information system policy that would ensure maximum utility and positive feedback of the business unit. The most important policy that a hotel manager should propose, implement and monitor progress is to ensure that the guest’s information is not transferred from the hotel’s data whatsoever. This would maximize confidentiality of the guest’s report. As a small hotel manager, I proposed this policy to the staff. The policy ensures that customers’ private information is not retrieved or transferred from the system…”

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  • Title: Monitoring Policy Implementation Compliance and Effectiveness in Hotel management
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