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Mobile Phones Should Be Banned In the University and College Classrooms


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Mobile Phones Should Be Banned In the University and College Classrooms

Mobile Phones Should Be Banned In the University and College Classrooms

The class will focus on work that advocates change-social, political, economic, environmental, or cultural. On the future that the authors envision-some of these visions are positive/optimistic and others are negative/pessimistic. For this paper, write a well-developed, well-supported essay arguing convincingly that something should be started, ended, removed, abolished, enforced, repeated, or reconsidered-in other words, changed. This issue can be local-perhaps related to your education, community, or workplace-or it can be broader-related to national or global concerns. For example: Health care, green-jobs, California budgets cuts, etc. the best student papers tend to focus on a small, manageable, and unique topic rather than a broad, highly complex topic such as abortion or capital punishment. In the paper, propose a realistic plan for carrying out the change(s) you suggest. You will need to support your argument with evidence acquired through research; a minimum of 5 sources need to be consulted and cited for your paper (books, magazine or newspaper articles, interviews, appropriate websites, etc.) use the MLA format for citation and include a Works Cited page at the end of your paper. Build your argument around a thoughtful, well-formed assertion/thesis and avoid clouding language such as loaded terms or clich¨¦s. Please make sure use a minimum of 5 sources in the paper, and write a nice, clean work cited in the back because I need to print out those research sources. Thank you!
Name:Student Number:Course Title:Date: Mobile Phones Should Be Banned In the University and College ClassroomsMobile phones are the one of the most common communication devices used by majority of people today. The use of these devices has increased over the years has increased significantly over the years. Mobile phones have invaded almost every place in today`s world and it is common to find people using them in inappropriate places. The use of mobile phones in university classrooms is today a common phenomenon .The penetration of mobile phones in the United States is around 90% in all the United States colleges and universities and 75% in high schools (Craft, 2007). Many high schools have rules that ban or govern the use of mobile phones in class but there are no strict rules that regulate the use of mobile phones in college and university classrooms. Cell phones use in classrooms is associated with distraction that affects the quality of learning (Watulak, 2010) .This paper explores the effect of mobile phone use in classroom settings on the learning experience. It also explores, and recommends the ban on the usage of cell phones in the classroom.The learning process requires concentration. The learning process requires little distractions in order for the lecturer to communicate effectively and deliver course instructions and for the students to listen effectively. Cell phones use in the classroom cause distraction as students send messages and chat on social networks through mobile while lecture are going on. Cell phones do not cause disruption on just the student using the phone but they also disrupt learning to other students as well. For example, students sending messages and chatting over their phone might catch the attention of other students and make their thoughts to wander out of the classroom. This can make students to shut from the learning process which makes students miss on some of the classroom instruction. The sound of cell phone ring Tones can cause a distraction in the learning process as it distracts every student in the classroom. Constant conservation through messaging and chat on social networks makes students minds to focus only on the conversation and not on the content delivered in class (Mcmormick, 2010).Mobile phones are used in humiliating other students and teachers as well for example phones are used to film and post pictures on the internet invading others students privacy. In this way, the use of mobile phones in the classroom can be used for ill purposes and this may hinder the learning of...

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