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Mobile App


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Mobile App

Mobile App


According to Labow, (2011) provider survey published by Manhattan Research and SDI showed that about 81 percent of physicians use smartphone about either 81 percent of physicians use smartphone to either access medical information or keep track of patients’ condition and adherence management.  Mobile web applications are the new ways of engaging and managing patients in Medicaid programs particularly those with hypertension


Mobile app Student: Professor: Course title: Date: Mobile app Purpose: The chosen mobile app is dubbed Glucose Buddy. It is a mobile web application whose key purpose is to increase treatment adherence among Hispanic patients who have type II diabetes. A lot of ethnic minorities in the United States have restricted access to health care owing to their lower socio-economic status. Researchers have reported that people of Hispanic ethnicity have a greater risk of developing type 2 diabetes mellitus (T2DM) compared to non-Hispanic whites. Among Hispanic women, the prevalence of total diabetes – undiagnosed and diag


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