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MNMGT201-19B (HAM) Business Law and the Legal Environment

MNMGT201-19B (HAM) Business Law and the Legal Environment

MNMGT201-19B (HAM)

Business Law and the Legal Environment

Students who successfully complete this paper will be able to:

1. Identify the sources of New Zealand law and the relevance of distinctions such as those between substantive and procedural law on the one hand and public and private law on the other.

2. Gain an appreciation of the origins of the Treaty of Waitangi and its modern day relevance in the context of business activity in New Zealand.

3.Gain an understanding of particular business entities such as partnerships and companies through which business is conducted and the legal obligations imposed on those charged with their governance.

4. Gain an understanding of the relevance of significant branches of private law that have a direct impact on the conduct of business.

5. Exercise appropriate judgment in being able to determine particular legal problems which can be resolved by advice from the perspective of a buisness advisor, in contrast to more complex legal issues which require the input and advice of a professional legal advisor.


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