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Method: PSYC255 METHOD


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Method: PSYC255 METHOD

Method: PSYC255 METHOD

PSYC255 METHOD Name: Instructor: Date: Introduction Online purchasing occurs through internet shopping for both goods and services. Even though, internet penetration is gradually increasing globally, this has not been the case with online purchasing which is preferred by less people. Before collection of data, there is a need to focus on the potential problems in the survey of focus groups, if not properly planned this can lead to false results. In focusing on groups, researches should first expound on the research objectives and also engage the right participants. Thus, with proper planning, conclusions and recommendations are likely to be correct. This study will review related studies and also use questionnaires in order to determine the factors influencing online consumer behavior. Review of similar studies According to Vazquez and XU(2009, p.409) the main behavioral determinants of online consumerism are outlooks and opinions online shopping and other motivations including price, convenience hedonic motivations and internet information searches as quoted by Smith & Doe(2009) . This study found out that if online shopping experience is ...

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