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Meanings That Youth Associate With Healthy and Unhealthy Food


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Meanings That Youth Associate With Healthy and Unhealthy Food

Meanings That Youth Associate With Healthy and Unhealthy Food

i have attached the article and the sample of quantitative research paper. i want you to follow the sample of quantitative research paper format except mine is going to be 4 pages instead of 6 pages.
ARTICLE CRITIQUENameInstitution AffiliationCourseDate of SubmissionVivid DescriptionThe research was carried in a confidential place that is, a room that had closed door so as to ensure the accuracy of the data. The data was recorded with audio recording machines for the purpose of reference during the analysis. The participants were school children who were aged 13-15 years who had prior permission from their particular guardians. The participants were 13 in number with a composition of 6 boys and 7 girls. The exercise was started with the participants being asked to pick cards which pictures of food and given the freedom to classify the food into groups of their own. They were later asked to classify as healthy food and unhealthy ones. The importance of the study was to offer lay emphasis that the healthy foods were supposed to be prioritized in the diet and promoted in different aspects and unhealthy food be verified as ones with negative implications on a health. The principle agenda behind carrying out the study was to determine what meanings the youth give the variety of food samples. The responses of the students were interpreted with some of quotes though not enough lay down for the purpose of validating the interpretation given.Analysis of ParticipantsThe youth participants were not specific schools but from different schools. The study focused on the concept of age but did consider other aspects of classification like the ethnic tribe that the participant comes from or the culture of the person, taste and preferences among other ways of specialization. When it comes to food, there are other ways that one classifies to ensure the data is specific. Factors such as taste or any other influence that makes a person to influence a person to make decision on consuming a commodity and such classification should have been done. This was a basic concept that was left out in the study. The study was also limited to only 13 youths that may not be representative sample when it comes to health as it is a general issue affecting the entire youth population. However, the idea of getting participants from different schools may be somewhat made the researchers think that they will able to explore different cultures and different people from different environm...

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