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McDonalds` Business Strategy


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McDonalds` Business Strategy

McDonalds` Business Strategy

Select a company that competes in an industry that interests you and go to their homepage on the internet. The Course Requirements outlines the primary five (5) elements you will need to complete for the assignment. The five elements are the essential items, but you may include more based on your analysis of the company. Refer to the strategic management slides on the course homepage for reference on vision-mission-values criterion. The assignment is designed for you to illustrate your interest and knowledge about the company. Impress me! COURSE REQUIREMENT. Internet Assignment # 1 The Internet Assignment is the only individual assignment. Select a company that competes in an industry that interests you and go to the internet homepage of the company. Identify the elements listed below and critique them. Your critique should include discussion from the text and power point slides that support your position. Be specific in identifying elements from the statements and explaining why you like or do not like their statements using the course as a framework to complete your critique. Just because a company may not have a vision or mission is an insufficient response for the assignment. The report should be approximately 4-5 pages in length not including exhibits. The assignment is worth 100 points. 1. Vision Statement 2. Mission Statement 3. Values and Code of Conduct 4. Corporate Governance: Directors, Executive Management, Committees, and Stakeholders 5. Identify the major trends in the general/macro environment, industry and analyze their impact on the firm. Thank you,
McDonalds` Business StrategyNameInstitution AffiliationCourseDate of Submission McDonalds Business StrategyMcDonalds is among the leading company in fast food industry operating allover the globe. The firm has employed business strategy that allows it to compete in the available market space to acquire large market share. Business strategy is a powerful tool to a deliver a sustainable competitive differentiation in the industry. McDonalds brand is a strong force employed to make or break its products, as this enhances the firm to create a distinctive presence in the market and compete effectively. Branding enhances handling of products easily as this enhances consumers to embrace the notion of branding due to its ability to hold specific standards and strengthening of buyer preference. The development of branded products enhance McDonalds to create customer loyalty by adding value which consumers are willing to pay a premium price competitors are unable to copy.McDonald`s products and services reflect the major strategies the firm has adopted at various levels of corporate, business, and functional levels. The corporate level strategy is concerned with development and coordination of business port folio, while the business level strategy deals with division and product line concentrated at creating a sustainable competitive advantage to its products. The strategic issues related to business process of value chain lies at the functional level, where the development and coordination of resources in which unit level strategies are executed. McDonalds strategic and objectives preparations involve multistep process which includes; vision, mission, objectives and strategies.McDonalds being the leader in the fast food industry has its vision statement as the worl...

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