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Mass Media


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Mass Media

Mass Media

Each student is required to research and write a 10 page paper that explores a major historical development in Mass Media. Your paper is to fully explore this historical development from its beginnings of our mass media history to today and conclude with an analysis of where your particular mass media is headed in the future. Topic: Television as development in Mass Media. From beginning to now, to future. Also include Television`s impact (both positive and negative) on the other mass medias – newspapers, books, magazines, radio, and the motion picture industry.)
Mass MediaCustomer Inserts His/Her NameCustomer Inserts Grade CourseCustomer Inserts Tutor`s NameWriter Inserts Date Here (Day, Month, Year)AbstractThe research paper discusses about the history and development of mass media and impact of television on print media and motion pictures. The main purpose of the research is to emphasize the importance of television as mass media and how did it affect the print and motion pictures industry of America. The topic comprises of all the aspects of advertisement as mean of communication and the use of mass media as medium of communication.Name:Professor`s nameCourse:Date:Mass MediaMass media includes all the mediums through which information circulated to the mass audience. The mediums include television, magazines, newspapers, radio, advertisements and the Internet. Sebastian in ‘the history of mass media` mentioned that even though media was initially invented in Europe but its development and revolution was taken place in USA (Sebastian). Advanced technology has changed the way people perceive information. It helps people understand and process information. Hauger in ‘American history and mass media development` said that the importance of media had been rising from last few decades as it has prolonged from society newspapers to multinational companies (Hauger). Initially, word of mouth was the only form of communication before newspaper and magazines but it couldn`t cover large audiences. Then came newspapers and magazines which create the need of communication among national as well as international consumers but distribution of newspaper was complex due to which it did not cover mass audience. Soon after, television came in the market. Ad campaigns were designed to improve the presentation of company and its product to target audience. Television became the primary source of advertising and the most efficient one among other mass media.History and Development of Mass MediaSebastian stated that the need of advertising had been rising from the days when US expanded from Atlantic Ocean to Pacific Ocean and Industrial Revolution took place. The manufacturer of the products in east needed to market their campaign in western countries and for that, the primary medium of communication was newspaper. Soon after, the distribution and transportation systems were developed and thus increase the market of newspaper in different cities. In 1841, the first American advertising agency was established by V.B. Palmer in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Its main objective was to sell its ad space outside the town. Since then, the company expanded its operations in Baltimore, Boston and New York after getting huge sales. In 1861, another ad agency J. Walter Thompson Company was established and soon after, many advertising agencies entered in media industry and covered almost all major cities. The circulation of newspaper increased from 715 in 1830 to 5691 in 1870 and this made it easier for companies to make an a...

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