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Maryland Gun Control


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Maryland Gun Control

Maryland Gun Control

I interned at the Maryland General Assembly for Delegate Nic Kipke. I am to write a research paper that includes an "analysis of policies or programs associated with the Internship assignment." I picked The new Maryland Gun Control act of 2013. The paper is to include a prospectus.
Maryland Gun Control Customer Inserts His/Her Name Customer Inserts Grade Course Customer Inserts Tutor`s Name Writer Inserts Date Here (Day, Month, Year) Maryland Gun Control Maryland`s existing gun control laws are set to become more stringent than ever in the entire nation with a measure passed by the General Assembly sending the bill to Democratic governor who made a proposal for the legislation after December`s massacre at a Newton, Conn, elementary school. According to some people, gun control advocates in Maryland were bracing for a challenge to a law, which imposed the strictest known sanctions on the possession of weapons.  In a 28-29 vote, Maryland`s senators sanctioned a plan, which entailed a license, to buy a handgun, limit magazines to 10 bullets and imposed a ban on the sale of assault-style weapons. Moreover, law enforcement agencies were authorized to audit gun dealers and state rules, which limited gun ownership for persons with medical illnesses. Firearm access for the mentally ill persons was also addressed. Other provisions increased the information send to databases used for the background check of a person. The House of Delegates subsequently approved the changes.  Earlier, the Maryland senate was expected to vote on Governor Martin O`Malley`s gun control legislation after the bill got preliminary approval. Later, at least 60 amendments were proposed but after some deliberation, the legislation`s major points were held up. Governor Martin O`Malley said the gun control act came in the wake of their increased resolve to reduce gun violence. They decided to be proactive by advancing strategies that would work to save lives. It was done with a strong coalition of advocates and people of Maryland who are in favour of supporting such humanistic policies. After nearly two decades, Maryland would become the first state to require prospective handgun purchases to submit fingerprints to state police. Apart from her, only five other states have a similar requirement, which include Connecticut, New Jersey, Hawaii, New York and Massachusetts. Maryland joined the likes of New York and Connecticut in expanding assault weapon bans and limiting the capacity of magazines after a horrific Newton elementary school shooting which claimed the lives of 20 students and six adults in December.  According to gun control advocates, the fingerprint requirements will deny gun access to criminals, because it will make them unwilling to buy firearms for those people who don`t have them. Certain opponents say that the bill erodes the Second Amendment right and punishes law-abiding citizens without any focus on the lawbreakers. Even though the measure bans 45 types of assault weapons, people who already have a license for it can continue to retain its possession. Similarly, those who order it before October 1 when the law would come in to effect would also be able to keep them. Those individuals who have inadvertently been assigned to a...

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