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Marketing Plan Assignment: Mobile Spas Businesses


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Marketing Plan Assignment: Mobile Spas Businesses

Marketing Plan Assignment: Mobile Spas Businesses


This is the last part of this assignment, feel free to be as creative as you want. This is my part that I have to do. So far everything has been great. 
Write a paper that integrates your previous Learning Team assignments into a final Marketing Plan. In addition to your previous two papers, include the following:
Your promotional strategy for your product or service, including how you may use the following:
Public relations
Digital marketing
Sales promotion
Direct marketing
Event marketing
The effect professional selling may have on your offering


Marketing plan Name Institutional affiliation Marketing plan Mobile spas businesses are starting to create and work actively in many markets. Suggestively, there is a need for a good marketing plan that allows the enterprise to attract consumers and create competitive advantage. Fundamentally, the marketing plan should follow a framework that customers can receive professional and quality services at their convenience right at the coziness and privacy of their homes or workplace. The intent of this paper is to offer a framework for the information and approaches for marketing a mobile spa business. Promotion strategy There is no doubt that the mobile spa is a lucrative business that targets a variety of customers. In this light, the promotion strategy will focus on the anticipated consumers, as well as the general public. In this light, the medium used should be able to reach a variety of people in the target location. It is important to note that typically, spas are not only places where people go to get certain services, but are highly connected to their psychological needs. In this context, people perceive spas to be a place where they can relax and engage in other therapeutic experiences, including massage, work on their beauties through hair care, nail care, and other services. The existing perception is that spas are meant for the rich who have the money to pay for them. The mobile spa offers these people the opportunity to have a more personalized service, but ...

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