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Marketing Essay


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Marketing Essay

Marketing Essay

You are to come up with a business of your own. List the following: 1. Product/Service Description (2 paragraph minimum) 2. Prices of products/services (1 paragraph minimum) 3. Competition (1 paragraph minimum) 4. Target Market (1 paragraph minimum) 5. Promotion & Advertising (1 paragraph minimum) 6. Start Up Costs (1 paragraph minimum)
IntroductionThe transport industry has experienced a tremendous growth in the last two decades. This has been attributed to the increased mobility of persons and goods more so on the business arena. Transport serves the purpose of moving individuals and goods from one place to another in the quest to suffice form utility. This paper presents a business company ‘triune tours and travel` that specializes in provision of transport services for persons.Product descriptionTriune tours and travel is engaged in the business of providing transport service to people. The provision of the service will be aided by the fact that there has been a rise in the demand for transport. This is attributed to the rising middle-class and as such the need to meet their demands. The service will be provided on a just ii time basis as there will be enough fleet of cars to serve clients twenty four hours a day, seven days a week.The business will only feature the use of saloon cars which are either company owned or leased from various owners. Any individual or company wishing to engage the services of the will be required to call the operations center which ...

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