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Marketing Diagnostic of HRAI


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Marketing Diagnostic of HRAI

Marketing Diagnostic of HRAI

Part 1: Conduct quick marketing audit for (HRAI Canada) and HVACR i.e. analyze their current marketing, advertising, PR and other communication. - Describe their overall effectiveness at reaching out to the Canadian consumer. (1 Paragraph) - Provide 5 examples of the marketing you researched. (1 paragraph) Part 2: (1-2 paragraphs). - Based on your marketing evaluation assess HRAI`s mission statement from consumer perspective. - What do you as a consumer think of the effectiveness of the mission? (Good, Bad, Effective, Smart...? etc.)
Marketing Diagnostic of HRAI Name Institution Date Marketing Diagnostic of HRAI HRAI is one of the Canada`s national associations, which represents more than 1,300heating, air conditioning, ventilation, and refrigeration (HVACR) manufacturers, contractors, and wholesalers. This association provides Canadians with the necessary tools and information regarding their total indoor environment comfort. All HRAI member companies are supposed to have a valid trade certificates and licenses, insurance coverage and agree to the HRAI code of ethics. This is meant to ensure that quality services are delivered to their customers. This paper discusses some of the HRAI current market and advertising methods. In advertising its products, the association uses the internet to share tho...

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