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Managing Vendors and Collaborating with IT Staff


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Managing Vendors and Collaborating with IT Staff

Managing Vendors and Collaborating with IT Staff



Scenario: You are the Director of Health Information Management and you are working with IT staff

on selecting an EHR vendor for your transition to a new EHR. You have been given the responsibility

for writing the Request for Proposal.

 Write an introduction explaining the purpose and use of a Request for Proposal and relate it

specifically to choosing an EHR software vendor in a healthcare facility.

 Create an RFP.

 Choose three EHR vendors to send your RFP and write a short description of the EHR

company and provide a link to their website.

 Describe how you will need to collaborate with IT staff in the selection of the EHR vendor.

 Describe how you will apply negotiating skills in selecting your EHR vendor (include basic

negotiating strategies).


 A minimum of one page describing the purpose and use of an RFP.

 A 1-2 page RFP that is professional in format and detail.

 A summary of three EHR vendors.

 A minimum of 1 page on how you will collaborate with IT staff.

 A minimum of 1 page on application of negotiating skills.

 A cover page and a reference page.

 Writing is in the students own voice and includes in-text citations to support the writing.

 There are a minimum of 5 appropriate references (your text and four others), a reference page,

and a cover page. The four additional references must be from scholarly journals. You may

use a .com reference, if necessary, for help with how to format an RFP.

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