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Luton Street Lighting


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Luton Street Lighting

Luton Street Lighting


A speech to be delivered to an adult audience, persuading them to support a local issue such as the development of a cycle track, adequate street lighting or regular bus services in Luton, London. Using a range of persuasive techniques in the production of your text, such as personal pronouns, emotive language and hyperbole about 450 words and the write a commentary on the text, which identifies and analyses the choice and persuasive techniques. Employ relevant technical vocabulary to analyse the writing and comment on persuasive writing more generally, 450 words Acknowledge source used to support the commentary through in text referencing and a bibliography using a recognised referencing system. Write the text and commentary in appropriate style and tones, which are clear and fluent.


Luton Street Lighting Name: Institution: Good evening ladies and gentlemen. I would like to take this chance to welcome you all to this ground breaking event in our beloved Luton society, orchestrated for the continuity of the society.I call it ground breaking because, it is the first community meeting that has been held in light of the interests of the residents of the great community that not just peace loving but also bound by social justice. My name is Dayton Webb a member of the society and one of the founders of this association. I would like to take this chance to welcome you again to the first summit of the community association as we look forwards to taking charge of the calm in Luton in years past. Before we start I would like ask the audience; would you like you and your loved ones to live in a safe environment? When, my grandfather first moved to Luton in the 60s, it was the calmest town in Bedfordshire. It offered a solace place for those that wanted to be away from the hustle associated with London. They went about their daily activities without the need to worry about who wanted attack them on the streets or in their homes. It was a calm town and most of the residents knew most of their neighbors (Ebusinessconsultant.co.uk, 2015). Today most of the people do not have an idea about who their neighbors are or even what they do for a living. People have become more secretive in their lives and the neighborhoods have been turned into secret havens (Nikkah, 20...


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