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Lord Atkin`s Judgement in Donoghue vs Stevenson (UKHL 100)


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Lord Atkin`s Judgement in Donoghue vs Stevenson (UKHL 100)

Lord Atkin`s Judgement in Donoghue vs Stevenson (UKHL 100)


"The doctrine of stare decisis is a myth." Critically analyze this statement in the light of Lord Atkin`s judgement in Donoghue v Stevenson [1932] UKHL 100

250 words for IT IS a myth. 

*250 words for it is NOT a myth. 

*100 words for own opinion

*Please use CASES to prove. No need to write introduction.


Stare Decisis Name Institution Stare Decisis Stare Decisis is a Myth Stare Decisis offers the concept of precedent in that once an issue that has previously been brought to court and a decision reached, then generally, all courts should adhere to the previous ruling. However, this is a myth because stare decisis is not universally true in all instances. For example, judges from a court of appeal even when they agree to the result of the case, they may announce varying ratios or reasons which can be difficult to reconcile. Further, a judgment may comprise of reasons, but with no statement of even one proposition that


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