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lonliness-a 21st century epidemic


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lonliness-a 21st century epidemic


  • To abstract information from appropriate journal articles, books, reports, websites and references to produce a booklet addressing one of the topics chosen from the list on page 2.

  • To prepare a logical, evidence-based and well-written booklet which is supported by cross-referenced and relevant tables and figures.

  • To present the information in a suitable format to inform your peers and/or healthcare professionals.


You will select a topic from the list on page 2 by submitting your top 4 selections via an on-line submission. 

You must select references appropriate to the topic ensuring that you gather information and abstract key facts relevant to the topic. Typically, we would expect to see more than 5 and less than 20 references for this exercise.

The process will be similar to that used for your essay:

  • Research the topic

  • Preparation of a draft and discussion with your supervisor

  • Preparation and submission of the final booklet

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