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Logistics SLPMOD1


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Logistics SLPMOD1

Logistics SLPMOD1

I want you to pick an organization (Walmart) to examine throughout the rest of the course. Assignment: For this first SLP I want to know about the structure of this organization and its supply chain. Assignment Expectations: In 2-3 pages tell me about the organization, make sure you cover following areas: 1) The name of the organization 2) Its primary business 3) Government organization or nongovernmental organization 4) For profit or nonprofit 5) The management structure 6) Supply chain structure 7) Why you chose this organization The paper should have a cover sheet and a references page, these do not count in the paper page count.
Name of the organization Wal-Mart is American public corporation operating retail stores in various formats including discount stores, supercentres and international markets such as UK, China and Japan. It is considered one of the largest retail outlets in the world and it uses its own name to operate in the US. The company began its retail activity in mid 1940 in Iowa. Since then the company has expanded tremendously and in 1969, it was incorporated as Wal-Mart Stores and since then, it has featured as one of the leading companies in New York Stock Exchange. It currently trades mostly on stocks it operates in states such as Arkansas, Kansas, Oklahoma and Missouri. It also features in sales and has managed to provide employment to many Americans. Primary business The company deals in a wide range of merchandise and services at reduced prices. These incorporate both national and private brands. The number of distribution centers operated by Wal-Mart can be estimated to be about 121. The company operates about 1000 discount stores in the US. The size of these stores is about 108000 squares feet. The merchandise offered by these stores include family clothing, automobile spare parts, health and beauty products, residence furnishing, electronics, building and construction materials, jewelers and house hold goods. Other goods offered by Wal-Mart include bakery foods, frozen goods and deli goods. Governmental or non-governmental Wal-Mart is a public corporation hence i...

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