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LO4 Critically reflect on the soft skills required by a successful programme manager.


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LO4 Critically reflect on the soft skills required by a successful programme manager.

Faculty of Business and Law


Assignment Brief





Assessment Information


This assignment is designed to assess learning outcomes:



Design a programme architecture, identifying the set of interdependent projects and organisational functions that are required to achieve the desired business goals.


Critically reflect on the soft skills required by a successful programme manager.


This assignment is an individual assignment.


Part a) [1,250 words]

Drawing on the Programme Mandate for the University of Cambford’s Two-year Degrees Programme, and with reference to appropriate academic theory and established programme management practice, prepare a Benefits Map for the programme, identifying:

a)      The strategic objectives for the programme.

b)      The likely benefits and any potential dis-benefits presented by the programme

c)       Key project outputs that could deliver these benefits. 


Your Benefits Map should indicate how the project outputs contribute to bringing about the expected benefits and outcomes, and how these benefits and outcomes contribute to achieving the programme’s strategic objective.


Based on the Benefits Map, propose a suitable Programme Architecture which identifies the programme components (the key projects of the programme and any functional support activities) that you consider to be most important to bring about the changes that are required to achieve the expected benefits and meet the programme’s strategic objectives. 


The Programme Architecture should identify:

-          The proposed projects and their deliverables/outputs

-          Any functional support activities that should be provided by members of the programme consortium as part of their normal functional responsibilities.

-          Any inter-project dependencies 


Your Benefits Map and proposed Programme Architecture should be accompanied by a narrative, justifying the design and the approach that you’ve taken.


Part b)  [750 words]


Cambford University’s programme steering group is looking to appoint a programme manager to deliver the programme.  Drawing upon appropriate academic theory, advise the programme steering group on the skills that such a programme manager should have in order to create a shared vision amongst the principal stakeholders and to ensure effective co-ordination and integration of the projects within the programme.


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