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Literary Analysis of Great Gastby


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Literary Analysis of Great Gastby

Literary Analysis of Great Gastby

must have works cited page with five pages, at least 2 print sources, i would like to focus on political/social issues with this novel as well as including a juxtaposition to another novel if possible
Name: University: Course: Tutor: Political and social issues in Great Gatsby The novel, Great Gastby shades light to the observed flaws experienced in true life positioned in the middle of the rich people in the society, educated group with a lot of time for leisure activities and people who are not concerned about the other category of people who do not belong to their social class. The low class characters search for and desire the standard of living and glamour of the wealthy ones who are the elite in the society. For example, with the analysis of social issues in this novel is the protagonist, Jay Gatsby, who has the American dream of corruptness to gain wealth so that he may use his richness to win Daisy who he is in love with for a long time (Barret, 190). Therefore, Gatsby believes that he should have acquired a mansion to be secure to win her love. He earns his money from bootlegging business dealings in the hope he will be taken again by Daisy. To impress her, he throws out parties for even strangers after which Daisy is disguised by the parties thrown in her favor .Gatsby desire to become a renowned person is crushed by Tom. Tom who is a famous football celebrity at Yale University comes from a wealthy Chicago family, he supposes that he is intellectual and is the husband of Daisy. Tom represents the class of people born wealth and are referred as old money, and they do not work hard since they already have enough and are placed at the upper class in the society....

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