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Letter to Legislator


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Letter to Legislator

Letter to Legislator

Write a "Letter to Legislator" addressing heart disease amoung Non-Hispanic White ethnic group(Develop a plan to raise awareness and help prevention) The Letter includes 3 parts: Introduction (The introduction should explain self as a constituent and does not specify a reason/reasons for writing) Body of letter (The letter should clearly explain how the issues identified in the introduction affects the student) Proposed Action (The letter directly or clearly specifies the action or support the legislator should conduct or provide)
Letter to LegislatorThere is growing concern about the high mortality rate due to heart disease among Americans in the US. Studies have indicated that non-Hispanic whites have a higher likelihood of dying from heart disease as compared to the Hispanics.It is a preventable disease and there is growing concern over its increasing prevalence in the state. It is necessary to launch a strong campaign about the disease among the student population in order to curb its further prevalence. It has been noted with great concern that more younger men than women suffer from the disease. Young men are to be encouraged to practice healthy habits more vigilantly. Heart disease prevalence is increased by lifestyle activities such as cigarette smoking and intake of foods that are high in cholesterol. Mortality is higher in students with diabetes and high blood pressure. In addition to this, obesity and lack of physical activity are likely to increase the chance of suffering from heart disease.The lifestyle habits adopted by the students are posing a great danger to the student population and if left unchecked, it is going to lead to gen...

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