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Lesson Plans on the topic of the Holocaust for 2nd and 11th grade


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Lesson Plans on the topic of the Holocaust for 2nd and 11th grade

Lesson Plans on the topic of the Holocaust for 2nd and 11th grade

Using the Twentieth Century Holocaust as the content focus, the student will design two lesson plans, one for 2nd grade students and one for 11th grade students, both having consistent learning outcomes. The lesson plans must include all supplemental handouts/materials. In addition to the lesson plans, the student must write and submit a textual explanation that illustrates how the developmental differences between the two age groups have been addressed in the lesson plans. The explanation must be written in APA style in Times New Roman size 12 font.
Lesson Plans on the topic of the Holocaust for 2nd and 11th gradeName:Institutions Name:Date due:Lesson Plan for Grade 2 Students The Twentieth Century Holocaust In this social studies class, students will show the knowledge of holocaust and examples of holocausts that have taken place in history. They will also be able to know the outcomes of holocaust. Students will be able to know the political leaders that contributed to the historical holocaust and memorize their names. Students will understand that twentieth century holocaust was not fair to human by knowing the effects of the holocaust. This lesson includes hand on learning as well as music that can be used as a follow up.Grade Level: 1-2Concept to be taught: Twentieth Century Holocaust Instructional Objectives;-Students will be able to define holocaust- Students will be able to translate the meaning of holocaust to the twentieth century holocaust -Students will be able to separate between the biblical holocaust and the twentieth century holocaust-Students will be able to know the periods when twentieth century holocaust took place-Students will be able to understand that the twentieth century holocaust victims did not commit crimes- Students will be bale to understand that twentieth century holocaust contributed to death of people 3. Materials -3 waste baskets, labeled ‘Nazi`, ‘Russia` and ‘Biblical`-song “The twentieth Century Holocaust”- Pictures of people shooting at each other, murdered people and commander4. Procedures INTRODUCTIONShow the students the examples of holocaust such as images of people in the bible offering sacrifice, pictures of people being shot at directly with rifles and the pictures of people already killed. However, do not tell them what they are.Ask the students if they can identify what they are seeing. If they are not able to tell what they are seeing, assist them by telling them that the pictures show people being killed with a rifles and also people offering sacrifices to the God.Once the students have guessed what the pictures are showing, proceed to tell them that today we are going to learn about holocaust. And also that holocaust results into a large number of people being killedExplain to the children that we can commit holocaust by killing a large number of people. After this show to the children the picture of people who were responsible for holocaust in twentieth century. Tell them the names of those people and ask them to memorize.Sing the first verse of the song ‘Russia and Nazi Holocausts`. (The song should be introduced and the first verse sung at the end of the lesson so students can know what the song is)LEARNING ACTIVITIESShow students pictures of people being shot at as well as pictures of pieces of meat being burned. Show them that those people are going to die if they are shot at.Ask a student to take the picture containing the gun and ask him to point it at his fellow student. The two students should stand next to the basket labe...

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