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Legalize Prostitution in Canada


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Legalize Prostitution in Canada

Legalize Prostitution in Canada

Discuss how disputes are being dealt with,including legislative framework, confidentiality, success stories, parties involved, type of dispute resolution used (mediation, facilitation, conciliation, arbitration, med-arb). Who would be involved, how you would deal with it, why you chose this form of dispute resolution? I have all the details and instruction. Course sylabus etc. I will upload all the help.
Legalize Prostitution In Canada.Name;Instructor:Institution:Course:Date:LEGALIZE PROSTITUTION IN CANADAIntroduction It is for a reason that prostitution is referred to as the oldest profession of the world. The profession has been in the human history and it is not easy to do away with it. The history of prostitution goes back in the days of the Old Testament where it was a social evil practiced by the so-called fallen women (Humphreys, 2012). This profession is no exception in Canada. Over the years, prostitution has been illegal in the land. However, the twenty first century government provided laws that legalized prostitution. Later were the amendments in the laws. This has dispute on issues of prostitution has been taking place around the world. Over the years, there have been heated debates on the issue of prostitution. Of late, there have been disputes between the society of prostitutes and the Canadian community. Prostitutes want their rights featured in the laws of the land like those of other legal business owners. On the other hand, the community perceives the act of prostitution as ungodly and wants it criminalized in Canada. This paper therefore examines the situation facts, arguments, and how the dispute is resolved through alternative dispute resolution (ADR) in this case the community mediation.In Canada, prostitution is legal. However, there are restrictions to some rights of the prostitution. Prostitution as a legal profession in Canada does not enjoy other legal rights like other legal enterprises such as soliciting clients. The constitution terms the operation of brothels and pimps as illegal. However, the society of sex workers filed a case of appeal in the court in order to reverse the ruling that bawdy houses and brothels are illegal. There has been heated debate on the issue of legalizing brothels and bawdy houses in Canada (Humphreys, 2012). The legislators legalized the profession but restricting the common places of prostitution and soliciting of clients in public places. The law gives individual women the right to sell their sex services to interested buyers. On the other hand, the community wants the law to criminalize prostitution (Community Team, 2012).Last year the court of appeal for Ontario pulled down of the laws of the country prohibiting prostitution and the activities surrounding the profession (Kent, 2012). The prostitutes` society had gone to court seeking nullification of the laws prohibiting the operation of brothels and public soliciting of potential customers. However, the court allowed the prostitutes to own, manage and run brothels and to carry out their business like other legal entrepreneurs but the public soliciting of the clients remained a crime against the Canadian constitution (Humphreys, 2012). The community views this as a violation of the Christian and the traditional morals upon which this nation is laid. This is because prostitution affects not only the individuals participating in the act ...

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