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Legal gay marriage no longer a ‘losing proposition`


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Legal gay marriage no longer a ‘losing proposition`

Legal gay marriage no longer a ‘losing proposition`

Hi there this is an assignment for my LGBT and social perspective class, you need to find 3 movies with gay related topic and write a one page paper reflection for each one feel free to chose the movies you want, you can also chose a song, a book a piece of art, and article anything related to the gay community I need 3 one page papers in total Thank you so much
Gay Related ReviewName:Course:Professor Name:(April 16, 2013) Gay Related ReviewLegal gay marriage no longer a ‘losing proposition`According to the latest article written by Seth Mc Laughlin on (April 14, 2013) Legal gay marriage is no longer a “losing proposition`` it is openly said that the gay marriage is getting embraced by many as compared to the earlier days. He goes on and wrote that more than a half of the Democrats have openly supported the gay and lesbians marriage and that it is only three members who have not supported it. It is showing that with time even the three will come to the support of it if you look how things have changed in such a short time. The former state secretary tells the follower how she has since changed her minds on the issue of the gay and lesbian marriage and that she now supports it (McLaughlin, 2013).The issue of same sex so far is becoming an issue that looks like it will be used by voters to vote in their president who comes out openly and supports the same sex that was look of issues according to the Democrats. A member of the democrats Mrs. Landrieu who has not shown her support to the same sex marriage said last month that she too has evolved on the issue and she is like the other people, but since her state does not support it she has an obligation to follow that. In a poll research done by Pew Research Center in march shows that people have largely taken a huge turn around since 2001 and now supports the same sex by 49 percent compared to 2001 when it was supported by 35 percent. This shows that with time everyone will come to same sex marriage support considering how the large numbers have already support...

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