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Legal ethic and a civil action


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Legal ethic and a civil action

Legal ethic and a civil action

the analysis must be from one of the listed books or movies. I was thinking about A Civil Action ( movie or book) , but if there is a better argument about other books and movies, I`m flexible Thanks I attached the instruction of essay and the course slide . we have to use our text ( I put the name )
LEGAL ETHICS AND CIVIL ACTIONName:Institution:Date:Introduction Legal practitioners like other professionals face ethical dilemmas in their line of duty. The complexity of the legal system presents challenges as legal professionals follow ethical procedures when faced with alternative courses of action. Acquiring the requisite professional qualifications is only one part of ensuring that legal practitioners follow the law, but professional ethics prevent abuse from the practitioners through following a standard code of conduct. At other times, they deal with cases that question their ethical and moral standing in the society. Thus, legal ethics are a manifestation of the legal conceptions and assumptions in different jurisdictions. This essay focuses on the ethical dimensions in the movie A Civil Action. There may be divergent interests between the society and a client, and a lawyer typically has numerous functions. Firstly, she represents a client, but she also is also an officer of the legal system that seeks to during justice through the courts. Lawyers mostly act as advocates as represented in the movie A Civil Action, whereby the lawyers of both the defendants and plaintiffs offer opposing viewpoints on the case. In their role as advocates of the court system lawyers adhere to client loyalty in representing their cases. Essentially, with undivided loyalty lawyers are able to offer their full services in the interest of the plaintiff. In A Civil Action, the legal process provides instances whereby legal ethics need to be applied in a court of law. The movie tackles the issue of businesses and environmental protection from the manufacturing industry. The Schlictmann`s law firm brings legal actions against companies that are reportedly damping harmful waste into a river. With the city water system connected to the river, it is clear that following the pollution the water system becomes contaminated. Even though, the law firm does not have many resources like the industrial corporations, the lawyers of the firm take up the case with the knowledge that there have been increased cases of leukemia and cancer after water contamination with trichloroethylene. The representation of lawyers in both books and films often captures the role of legal ethics in the legal profession. Essentially, lawyers adhere to ethics when they seek to bring justice through commitment to agreed principles even when the case puts them at risk. In the mass media, those lawyers who pursue justice even for unpopular cases and obtain favorable rulings to the plaintiffs appear as heroes. However, this depiction is not always the case, as shown in the movie A Civil Action, that the plaintiffs do not always celebrate the outcome of such case even when it seems that they have reasonable grounds to bring a lawsuit before a court of justice. Loyalty The virtue of an ethical lawyer involves loyalty, justice, and integrity, but philosophical theories also determine what constitutes...

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