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Leasing Of Three New Trucks


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Leasing Of Three New Trucks

Leasing Of Three New Trucks


Your client is a trucking company who is considering leasing three new trucks to add to their fleet. Prepare a memo to your client describing the type of leases available and the reporting requirements for each type of lease.

Type of LeasesNameInstitutionTo:From:Date: July 3, 2014Subject: Leasing Of Three New Trucks Following your interest in leasing three new trucks from our company to add to your fleet, we would like to describe to you the types of leases we offer as well as their reporting requirements of each of the leases. There are two types of leases and they exist for tax purpose, although each lease may have different benefits and rules. They include; Operating Lease: This type of lease provides the lessee or business, the right to use the truck for the lease term designated. However, we assume that no benefits or risks related to ownership beyond the truck use. When the lease term expires, you will be...

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