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Leading, Managing, and Developing People and Organisations


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Leading, Managing, and Developing People and Organisations

The task: Working individually, students are required to prepare an assignment which critically evaluates the effectiveness of ‘people management and organisation development’ strategies and interventions, within their own organisation or an organisation about which published information is available, drawing on theoretical and practical considerations covered in the taught unit. Consider the contents of this unit and choose ONE area which can be applied to the chosen organisation scenario. The organisation scenario can be a previously-considered case or one which you know of. A full reference for a published case study is required. If an organisational scenario with which you are familiar is chosen, then you should present a short written summary of the scenario, as an appendix, in two pages. Students are required to identify theoretical concepts underpinning the topic area and relate these to the current practice in the chosen organisation, AND reflect on the analysis and make recommendations for changes or improvements.

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