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Leading a Winning Team Research Paper


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Leading a Winning Team Research Paper

Leading a Winning Team Research Paper

Write a 500 word journal article entitled, “Leading a Winning Team”. In your article you must describe an actual example ,(kindly use the pilot job and describe anything associated to it as example), of your work in a team as a leader and member. You must explain the purpose of the team and its specific goals and explain how you dealt with any conflicts or difficult situations that arose. P11 As a follow up to this article you must write a short review of the effectiveness of the team in achieving its goals.
LEADING A WINNING TEAMName:Course:Professor name:(February 20, 2013)Leading a Winning TeamA team in working place is a group of people who come together to work on certain ideas in a common area in order to achieve a set goal or for the purpose of success. In order to be an effective team a leadership that is effective and well managed needs to be put in place. The team in this case is a cabin crew team with the aim of offering quality services to flight passengers. In the example that we are to look at the evaluation on how to lead a winning cabin crew team as a pilot is looked on the key aspects that needs to be put in place for the results of the team to be fulfilling (Morreale, et al. 2007). As the saying goes a great team equates to a great business so in any case a great team is always winning in the market since the clients being served as in this example the passengers of the flights keeps coming back for more due to the great service. In order to lead a winning team great leadership qualities are necessary and a learning team (Yoon, 2008).Some of the factors fo...

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