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Leading a Winning Team: goals and objectives


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Leading a Winning Team: goals and objectives

Leading a Winning Team: goals and objectives

Write a 500 word journal article entitled, “Leading a Winning Team”. In your article you must describe an actual example of your work in a team as a leader and member. You must explain the purpose of the team and its specific goals and explain how you dealt with any conflicts or difficult situations that arose. P11 As a follow up to this article you must write a short review of the effectiveness of the team in achieving its goals.
LEADING A WINNING TEAMNameInstitution AffiliationCourseDate of SubmissionLeading a Winning TeamIntroductionA team is a group of persons who have the aim of accomplishing certain goals and objectives. I once was engaged in teamwork to assist in the new Emirates academy that was being put in place to assist in training of pilots. The carrier had a great demand for pilots arising from its wide network. The carrier was estimating two recruiting internally trained pilots so that hey can meet the organization requirements. The way for a selected group of pilots to act as tutors in assistance with the other hired tutors (Bundhun 2011).Purpose and GoalsThe basic purpose of the team was to assist in engaging new employees who are coming right from the academy and integrate into the Emirates airline systems (Liu Zhang Wang & Lee 2011 pp1305-1316). The team had the following goals: one, to develop the cadets Syllabus, to come up with employees who are tailored with specific Emirates syllabus, to indentify the specific location of the academy of the pilots and finally integrate the trainees into the Emirates airline (Bundhun 2011).ChallengesThere were a lot of challenges that were encountered but to mention. The group in conjunction with the Emirates airlin...

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