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Leadership style PARTICIPATIVE


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Leadership style PARTICIPATIVE

Leadership style PARTICIPATIVE

Hello, My leadership style is PARTICIPATIVE and human-metrics Jung typology test is INTROVERT 22%, SENSING 12%, Feeling 38%,JUDGING IS 44%. My four letters are:ISFJ. Please make sure you read and follow the assignment instruction. Also the instructor ask to used one leadership style from the textbook.LEADERSHIP ROLES AND MANAGEMENT FUNCTIONS IN NURSING:Bessie L.Marquis 7th edition.chapter 16 page 355.I hope u can fine it online.TITTLE: LEADERSHIP ROLES AND MANAGEMENT FUNCTIONS ASSOCIATED WITH SOCIALIZING AND EDUCATION STAFF FOR TEAM BUILDING.
LEADERSHIP STYLENameInstitution AffiliationCourseDate of SubmissionLeadership Style.The aspect of leadership has been there for a long time. From the beginning of creation to the modern times, leaders have been born and have died. Many of which are elected or appointed to different positions and for different purposes. As Chambers (2011)writes, leadership is a process by which a person represents a group of people thereby accomplishing the common tasks of the group of people. A leader is usually elected by the support and aid of others. However, other definitions of leadership have come up since the beginning of the 19th century. Other definitions include the act of a person motivating other people towards the achievement of a common goal. A leader may have either formal or informal authority depending on their subjects and the situation at hand.There are important concepts that leaders need to adhere to increase their leadership style. There is need for command in any leader; furthermore, leadership goes hand in hand with management. In any business or organisation, leaders are important to guide the organisation either forward or backward. There is no distinct concept of leadership but rather an amalgamation of traits that boosts a leader`s role in any organisation. My leadership style is identified as participative according to Kent assessment.A part...

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