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Leadership Skills Training


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Leadership Skills Training

Leadership Skills Training

TOPIC: Leadership Skills Training Training objectives will be the following items: a) Understanding good leadership behaviors b) Learning the difference between leadership and management c) Defining qualities and strengths d) Making key decisions e) Empowering, motivating and inspiring others and leading by example. Instructions: 1. This is research paper regarding a key training and development topic and training objectives. 2. Paper must be 6 double spaced pages. 3. Analyze and synthesize the key points of at least five articles related to the topic and prepare summarizing the advantages and disadvantages implementing the ideas/points/concepts. 4. Indicate how the various viewpoints might be applied in an actual company. 5. Use APA 6th Edition guidelines.
Leadership skills trainingNameCourse numberInstructor`s nameDateTraining on good leadership behaviorsTop leadership development commits to providing training on good leadership behaviors. One of the ways of training on good leadership behavior is training leaders to maintain a strong executive engagement. This is because commitment of top leaders means that the training program will be highly regarded, aligned with strategy and focused on the right issues. This way, senior leaders can coach followers and monitor progress. Another way of training in good leadership behavior involves identifying leadership competencies. This involves isolating and agreeing on leadership competencies that are most important to the organization (Josh, 2008). It forms the basis of succession planning, career development and other talent related processes. Training that shows how leaders can align their activities with business strategies is another good leadership behavior that is emphasized in training. Depending on the type of organizations, leaders and managers focus on company specific business strategies, organization`s culture, values and strategies. For instance, top executives may meet to identify common attributes and assemble them into a set of leadership competencies (Josh, 2008). Another good behavior in leadership training is focusing on all levels of leadership. This is in a bid to develop leadership that is capable of moving a company forward and meeting key strategic objectives. For instance, the training may focus on training line managers on coaching, delegation, change management and development. It may also focus on functional managers on leadership, management and vision. It may also focus on training top leaders on management using external education and consultants (Josh, 2008). Training on good leadership behavior is comprehensive involving developmental assignments, meetings with global counterparts, case studies, external education and e learning. This is in a bid to give leaders a complete experience through experiential learning (Josh, 2008). Training in leadership good behaviors should also integrate talent management. This is achieved by building a sustainable leadership pipeline. This is achieved through programs that identify potential successors and place them into the right development programs (Josh, 2008). Companies can engage these good leadership principles in their leadership trainings. This way, leaders at different levels are empowered to make decisions that are in line with core business areas for maximum profitability. Organizations succeed through enhanced leadership with training focused on these good leadership areas. Differences between leadership and management There are distinct differences between management and leadership activities. Managing involves control and manipulation while leadership involves influencing and persuading others within the organization (Keefe, John, & Chinna, 2008). Part of management involves t...

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