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Laser Beam Hazards on Navigable Air Space


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Laser Beam Hazards on Navigable Air Space

Laser Beam Hazards on Navigable Air Space

INSTRUCTIONS PROPER APA FORMAT Find an article (academic source preferred) with respect to the FAR Part 77 "Objects Affecting Navigable Airspace" for week eight. Over the last 20 years, laser hazards have become a growing concern in navigable airspace. Your article should be related to this topic, and you should discuss possible mitigations to the hazard. Additionally, you need to make the connection between the hazard and navigable airspace. Please ensure you follow the directions below. Article URL: http://tucsoncitizen.com/usa-today-news/2011/01/19/faa-pilots-report-more-distractions-from-laser-beams/ (1) Article summary should consist of name and publication the article review is taken from. (2) The articles must come from a related topic that is covered in the readings for the week. (3) The article summary must be at least one full page and provide a breakdown on the key elements being discussed in the document (Who, what, when, and why). (4) The article summary must include whether or not the reader agrees with the ideas being presented. Agreement or disagreement must be based on facts related to procedure or issue being discussed in the article.
Running Head: LASER BEAM HAZARDS ON NAVIGABLE AIR SPACELaser Beam Hazards on Navigable Air SpaceStudent`s Name:Institution:Grade Course:Instructor`s Name:Date:Potential dangers posed by laser hazards to the airspaceThe issue of laser technology has for a long time elicited a lot of heated debate. The juxtaposition of the benefits accrued from laser technology vis a vis the damages the human body is exposed to have featured in this incessant debate. However, over the last ten years, a new dimension in the debate has focused on the laser hazardous effects on the navigable space. Initially, the claims were disregarded. A recent article based on a report from Federal Aviation Authorities (FAA) has however brought fore the gravity of the matter. According to an article titled FAA: Pilots report more distractions from laser beams posted on the Tucson Citi...

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