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Laboratory Report Hair and fiber

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Laboratory Report Hair and fiber

This is your opportunity to tell the instructor what you have learned from the weekly content by focusing on the below-listed criteria. Your Laboratory Activity Report for Week One must display critical thinking, as well as demonstrate a grasp of how the information learned in this week’s class builds on class materials. Your report should address the following elements: Explain which scientific techniques would be used for biological and non-biological evidence such as hair and fiber both at a crime scene and later in the lab. Cite examples. Assess your lab work in light of the new information you gathered from this week’s required sources. Evaluate how hair and fiber analysis might contribute to the investigation and any subsequent court proceedings. Explain how forensic scientific techniques covered in this week’s lab have evolved throughout history. TheLaboratory Activity Report Must be approximately 1,000 words (approximately four double-spaced pages in length, not including title and references pages) and formatted according to APA style as outlined in the Ashford Writing Center  (Links to an external site.) Links to an external site. . Must include a separate title page with the following: Title of paper Student’s name Course name and number Instructor’s name Date submitted Must use at least two scholarly, peer reviewed, and/or other credible sources in addition to the course text and lab manual.

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Laboratory Report Hair and fiber Laboratory Report Hair and fiber
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