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Kraft Food company


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Kraft Food company

Kraft Food company


The paper is broken into seven “parts.” 1: The Company, Industry and Competitors. 2: Financial Performance Analysis 3: Cost of Capital, Capital Structure Analysis and Distributions 4: Financial Statement Forecasts 5: Cash Flow Valuation 6: Relative (Multiples) Valuation Analysis 7: Summary and Conclusions Conclusion: Price expectations . one or two pages valuation . I had attached valuation that you can use .

Kraft Food CompanyNameCourseInstructor The Company, Industry and CompetitorsKraft foods Group, Inc (KRFT), is a company in the food industry which is a major diversified sector. Among the direct competitors in the sector are Con Agra Foods Inc (CAG), The Hillshire Brands Company (HSH), and Nestl, (NSRGY). The company was originally known as Kraft Foods Inc, a spin-off of the Mondelez International. Additionally, the company is one of the most recognizable dealer in beverages and consumer/ packaged food in the North American market. Essentially, Kraft Foods Company is mainly focused in North America, while Mondelez is into the global market. The companies sells an array of brands to the US and Canada, for products categories in breakfast, lunch and dinner at specific locations and for home users. The company’s distribution networks relies on wholesalers, convenience stores, supermarket chains, club stores, gasoline stations, drug stores, mass merchandises and supercenters. Nowadays the company is now focused on two separate but interrelated segments of meals and deserts, while the other business unit focuses on snack nuts. The North American market is mature and this may pose challenges to the segment catering to consumer needs in this market. Thus, there is a need to review the long term growth strategy for the company and the two spin-offs.Even though, the company has over 20 brands in the North/America market, there are three major brands of Kraft dressings, cheeses and dinners typically available in Maxwell House coffees and Oscar Mayer meets. Thus, the company is well represented in five major business segments US cheese, US beverages, US grocery, US convenient meals and the Canada & N.A foodservice. The beverages sector manufactures both juice drinks and coffee, while cheese varieties include various processed cheese options. The US grocery segment is one of the biggest contributors to the net revenues, while Canada and foodservice segment contains the main brands that are span off to other segments. Kraft Foods Group is a stable company, and though it is not a high growth company, the company has consistently improved share holder returns. The main strength for the company is that it has a reputable brand in the food and beverage segment, but like other players in the food segment the company is vulnerable to commodity price swings, but these costs merely represent a fraction of the total expenses. The company is strategizing on utilizing low prices while also improving the profit margins. This is possible with the company’s efforts towards increasing the distribution network. Even though, the price of Kraft Food products is lower in comparison to the products of its competitors, there is a need to undertake an evaluation to determine whether the company’s stock is undervalued.Financial Performance Analysis Financial performance analysis determines whether an organization is performing well, and the management ...

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