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Journal entry me a writer?


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Journal entry me a writer?

Journal entry me a writer?

Journal Entry One of the ways you can hone your writing skills is to keep a journal. In this course, your journal is not only a regular writing activity, but it also counts as a large portion of your course grade—33 percent. You`ll turn it in as your final grade for the course. Before you begin your first journal entry assignment, review the Course Journal evaluation information at the end of this study guide. Required Journal Entry 1: Me, A Writer? Attitude: Describe your attitude toward completing this course. As part of the description, explore how your feelings about being required to take a composition course may affect your performance in accomplishing the course objectives. (1 paragraph, 5 sentences) Inventory: Explain what you learned about yourself as a writer working through the inventory exercise. Discuss two ways you want to improve as a writer and why. (1 paragraph, 5 sentences)
Student`s name Professor`s name Course Date Required Journal Entry 1: Me, A Writer? I have never considered myself as a writer. This was the first thing that came to my head when I realized that we had to write a journal. “How do I begin writing this paper?” I keep asking myself...

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