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Jeddah city, Saudi Arabia architecture history and design


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Jeddah city, Saudi Arabia architecture history and design

Jeddah city, Saudi Arabia architecture history and design

You are then tasked with producing an analysis of a specific project or development/redevelopment site within this locality and then reviewing this from a number of differing perspectives including, its architectural context, environmental sustainability, technical and economic challenges and the vocational or residential opportunities it might generate.
It is suggested that you: 

Assess the suitability and environmental factors that impinge upon your chosen location. Undertake a basic desk-top and site-walk over (reconnaissance) study –and record visual ground conditions and buildings (using photographs) as well as the presence of any services, accessibility issues etc. appertaining. Consider Local Authority planning guidance and development plans and proposals for the area and how this fits with the buildings studied. 

Note: as this is an educational project and not a real-development, please state any assumptions that you need to make. You should utilise the University’s resources and your local reference Library (often that located nearest to the chosen site), County Archives, Archaeological Trusts, The Royal Commission for Ancient Monuments (Wales) [RCHAM(W)] electronic books, Construction Information

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