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Java Programming Questions:16 Eclipse Interview

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Java Programming Questions:16 Eclipse Interview

Java Programming Questions:16 Eclipse Interview

1) Explain what is IDE? Name some Java IDE?

2) Define Eclipse? What are the key Eclipse projects and technologies?

3) Explain what are activities you can do in Eclipse?

4) What are the steps to change the JDK compliance level?

5) Explain how can you generate JavaDoc documentation for your code?

6) Explain what are extension points?

7) Explain how to config a plugin to start automatically during platform starts up?

8) Explain what is an eclipse modeling framework?

9) Explain how can you hide menu contributed by other plugins?

10) Mention what are the differences between ‘Import-Package’ and ‘Require-Bundle’ in

11) Explain what is Shell and what is Display?

12) Explain what is included in a Rich Client Platform?

13) Mention what is the classpath of a plugin in eclipse?

14) Explain how can you add a library to the classpath of a plug-in?

15) Explain how to access UI objects from a non-ui thread?

16) Explain how to fire a key event in the test code to make the program act as if a user pressed a key?

Java Collections Framework API


The Java collections framework (JCF) refers to a set of interfaces and classes that execute frequently reusable collection data structures (Flanagan, 2005). Unlike is name, a JCF functions similar to a library. It offers both interfaces that illustrate various collections as well as the classes that implement them. Simply defined, the JCF is a set of interfaces and classes which assist in efficient data storing and processing (Collins, 2011).


Collection execution in pre-JDK 1.2 Java platform versions entailed few data structure classes, except without a collections framework. The standard techniques of Java objects clustering were through the vector, the array and the hashtable classes, which regrettably were difficult to extend and failed to deploy a standard member interface (Becker, 1998). Thus, to solve the necessitate for reusable collection data structures, a number of independent frameworks were developed (IBM n.d.), Doug Lea’s Collection Package a long with ObjectSpace Generic Collection Library – JGL being the mainly used (Vanhelsuwe`, 1997). Primarily, the collections framework was designed then developed by Joshua Bolch prior to being introduced to JDK version 1.2. the collections framework reused various ideas along with Doug Lea’s collection package classes, which as a result, was denounced (Lea, 1999). Given that the JGL’s ideas we consistent with C++, which was not Sun’s objective, he opted for a compact framework. Later works included Doug Lea’s concurrency package made up of new Collection-related classes.

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Java Programming Questions:16 Eclipse Interview Java Programming Questions:16 Eclipse Interview
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