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Italian Neorealism in


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Italian Neorealism in

Italian Neorealism in "Rome Open City" Rossellini, 1945

Write a respond to the essay: http://whitecitycinema.com/2011/01/05/all-roads-lead-to-rome-open-city/
ROME OPEN CITYNameInstitutionInstructorDate of SubmissionRome Open CityThe film Rome Open City perhaps has no rival to the human aspect as well as clarity of purpose of the producer`s present day realism masterpiece. From the very onset, the intentions of the directors are known when they ensure that this film ‘Rome Open City` puts together the narrative on how the Nazi occupied the city of Rome as well as how brave the resistance by the gallant Italian forces were. It does no matter how many times one watches the movie, the scene of a woman getting shot from behind while she runs throug...

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