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Is School Bad for Children?


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Is School Bad for Children?

Is School Bad for Children?

A critical Essay about "is school bad for children?" by John Holt. Double space. I need a good one.
NameInstitutionSubjectLecturerDateHuman beings, just like animals, are social beings with a brain. This means they are in a position to learn new ideas and concepts. We can not not learn under whatsoever the circumstances. For learning to take place, a change of behaviour is expected. The big question is what do people stand to gain when they go to school? This will form the major part in this paper by critiquing the article that elucidates that schools do more harm to children.To start with, the opinion I hold about schools is that they are key to learning of new skills and concepts that are hard to acquire without being taught. One thing that should be clear to everyone is the mere fact that people go to school to acquire new skills and knowledge, which would be difficult without such structured way of learning. We should not confuse schooling and learning since learning is a continuous process that ends with death. In the article, the author argues that a child is able to learn difficult concepts without necessarily going to school. The truth is such children do not learn from nothing. They are only able to learn language and othe...

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